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Level 3: Intermediary to Advance Duration: 1:38 hours video presentation Format: Video +32 pages manual download

Description – This NEW addition is a traditional Market Profile-based course providing detailed and exact trading setups to use during the developing day. You will learn to analyze the market from the second it opens and have a series of tactical trading strategies in hand to take advantage of various opportunities the market will present during the session. Our trade setups will not be found in any books or copycat websites simply because they are the results of many years of market interactions and trading experience. This program is potent, efficient and it works. You will learn to trade based on skill, market understanding, and sound money management. No more guessing, hesitations, or surprises. We keep the content of our program concise to the point without deception. We do not fluff the content of our educational materials over weeks in order to charge you thousands more. I guarantee after a few hours of watching our course you will tremendously improve your trading performance and master Market Profile trading. This course is all about understanding and trading the developing day. It is not based on the previous session value area, POC, etc.


1. OPENING RANGE TRADE What is the opening range? Learn the earliest and most effective trade of the session. Types of open and their relationships to the open range trade. Project accurate support resistance levels for the developing day based on the opening range.

2. IMPORTANCE OF THE FIRST 3-TIME BRACKETS 90% of all good trades take place within the first hour and a half of the session. Learn to analyze, strategize and set trades for all first three half-hour time brackets (A, B, C). A period is by far the most important session of the day. Learn in detail what to look for during the first half-hour. Capitalize on the detailed analysis and trade setups we will provide you with. B period provides great trade entries for the remainder of the session as well as powerful reversal opportunities. Learn to understand what to look for and identify great trade opportunities C Period will tell you the story about range extension. Will the range extension fail? Succeed? You will learn all the details about the C period and will learn superb trading setups

3. VALUE AREA AND THE INITIAL BALANCE Let value area position tell you the story about the expected strength or weakness of the developing session

4. FAILED RANGE EXTENSIONS Learn to identify failed range extensions with a precise trading strategy to respond Learn to identify if the range extension is a success/failure and respond accordingly

5. UNDERSTAND PRICE ACTION AND ANTICIPATE FUTURE MARKET DEVELOPMENT This section will teach you to read and anticipate price action during the developing session from the very first-minute market opens. You should be able to tell if the day will be very dynamic or non-eventful. For each scenario learn to apply the appropriate trading strategy.

6. BULLISH BEARISH LEDGE Ledges are one of the most valuable visible formations taking place within the developing Market Profile charts. They are either bullish or bearish. This section will teach you to identify them and take advantage of them when they become visible during the developing session.

7. IDENTIFY IF THE TOP OR BOTTOM OF THE DAY IS IN PLACE This is a very valuable question asked by thousands of traders during day trading. Is the top or the bottom in? IF the top is in then you know the rest of the day will put the bottom in place and therefore you can use the knowledge greatly to your advantage. This session will teach you to identify if a bottom or a top is in and trade accordingly.

8. WHAT TO LOOK FOR WHEN THE PRICE IS OUTSIDE THE PREVIOUS DAY'S RANGE As long as the current session is inside the previous session, we can accurately use support resistance levels from the previous session in order to locate quality trade entries. However, there will be times when the price will trade outside the previous session's boundaries. This section will teach you to project ahead of time with extremely accurate support resistance levels when the price exits out of the previous session's range. Once you learn our method of projecting support resistance levels for the next session you will never be in the dark again.

9. TRADING AND UNDERSTANDING GAPS The market often opens with an upside/downside gap. All gaps are not equal and require technical knowledge to identify the type of gap you are facing. If you treat all gaps equally you are guaranteed to lose. This section will teach you all you need to know about various gaps and most importantly how to trade them.

10. IDENTIFY IF THE HIGH OR THE LOW OF THE SESSION IS IN PLACE OR NOT Certain time brackets are notorious to put in either the top or the bottom of the session in place. Learn which one they are and have prepared trading strategies to react when they are identified.

11. STOP MANAGEMENT STRATEGY Each trade is composed of the trading idea and the trade management. You can have the best trade idea but if managed poorly you will either not or partially benefit from it. This section will teach you how to efficiently manage your trade through a very well-thought-out stop management technique.


PRICE: $275.00

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